Bhavya Banaye Crorepati Game

Bhavya Banaye Crorepati is a simple quiz for children has been created with the simple motive of checking the General Knowledge of small children. It has been created keeping in mind the popularity of the reality show KBC(Kaun Banega Crorepati). We have made this interactive so that the children can get the feeling of KBC by sitting on the hot seat in front of computer screen. The softwares which used in its making were - 'Adobe Photoshop CS6' and 'Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0'.
Free download BBC Game

System Requirements

  • Operating System - 'Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP(Any Service Pack)/Vista(Any Service)
  • Processor - 'Intel Pentium 2 and above (also compatible with AMD processors)'
  • Minimum Hard drive space required - '8 mega bytes or 8000 kilo bytes'
  • Video Card - Can work without video card also
  • RAM - '128 mega bytes'
Made In India